Hello there!

I’m making teddy bears for orphans and I need your help.  I was inspired by Lillian Weber who sews dresses for African girls.  Now, I’m personally sewing these cuddle pals for children who aren’t fortunate to have families to support them, or the freedom to play and lead carefree lives that all kids in the world deserve.

Please help me fundraise the costs of shipping these guys overseas.  My first batch is for SHARE Africa ( and little boys and girls in a region in Kenya most ravished by the AIDS epidemic.  With a target of $200, I will be able to securely ship about 15 bears + children’s books via Canada Post Express Post guaranteed service.  I have covered the costs of the fabric myself and will post pictures of everything that I am shipping, including the final package.  Pictures of the children with the received toys will also be provided by the charity.

To donate securely through PayPal please follow the link below.

I am asking for as little as $10, the price of a meal or a drink on a night out, or whatever else you are able to give.  Please don’t ignore this message, especially around Christmas, which is a time of giving and kindness.  Do it for the children who, having nothing, might get a little bit of joy out of a toy.  Do it for a fellow writer who is not asking for much, but a little bit of support for something that makes her happy.  My long term goal is to be able to ship a batch to the orphans in many different countries and to demonstrate that the human heart is able to hold compassion not only for the nearest and dearest, but also for those in distant locations around the world that have no direct relation to our own lives.

Thank you to all <3

Julia Yusupova





do you know the feel

of the unconventional

that yearns consensus


the experience

of the loner

seeking unity


they push conformity

and ease, she pulls

tough, honest answers


warriors are plucked

for action,

not for idle gratuities



© Julia Yusupova


Nothing is your fault if you’ve accepted responsibility for it.

There’s no such thing as sin if you’ve truly repented.

The universe allows every choice, but not for their own sake, but so that in one way or another they eventually lead to the highest.

Being presented with challenges does not give you might, only overcoming them does.

All adversity vanishes once you understand why it’s there.

This is the process.

Anything other than this is like trying to win at long jump, but not running all the way up to the leap line.


© Julia Yusupova