KlarEm artist

it’s for communication

why else would skies be blue?


surely, to hide behind grey blinds

is not their goal; though


what they yearn to show simply

with color is not that simple


or maybe only this → the visible range

which both creates this fleshy vehicle


the tune of chakric lyre

carried by a skilled musician


and the exhaust fumes from it

distilling into seven feelings


perceived in varied billions

on a smoke screen, imprinting


their designs on further medium

where networked beings spawn


as architectural  sketches

(blue-prints), and on and on


preserving pattern via different codes

a totem pole of stages grows in length


or maybe even outwards – a strutting peacock

wishing to impress the female


that ponders how good of an idea

will be the plumage



© Julia Yusupova



individuals itching to investigate the Inconceivable Ineffable, Imponderable Intelligence incubate an intention and incur an introduction into the Inexplicably Influential


increasingly, It:

  • induces an influx of information after initial insight
  • impels internal inventory
  • integrates intellect and intuition
  • incinerates innermost inhibitions and indecisions
  • implants intoxicating ideas on inhalation indicative of immersion in innate imagination
  • increases incidence of incredulous incidents
  • improves instincts
  • immunizes against illness
  • if ignored, instigates insanity and imperils identity
  • insures against insults and insinuations of idiocy
  • instills integrity
  • imparts intense impressions and imagery
  • instructs on ideal interpretations
  • intrigues and invigorates
  • ignites immortal infatuation
  • immaculately illumines


i am indisputably indebted to this incredible, irresistible Infinite Instant for inexhaustible inspiration.



© Julia Yusupova



reclusive ragamuffins in repellent rags reek of rot

and recover in ruins of run-down residences

by reveling in rum and rock;

rush from racy rails and reefers at raves

redoubles recovery and recuperation

from relapse, and riles rehabilitation;

regret and rancor recklessly ravage reason;

the randy and raffish of raunchy reputation

are rapidly raped and ravaged by rabid rapscallions

in the red-light region


remorseless rogues reject rectitude

and ratify repulsive regulations;

reptiles, remiss of responsibility,

rob resources for revenue and rank;

restless, ravenous rats!

rugged raiders and ruffians on a rampage

ransack the receptive ranges;

refugees run from relentlessly rigid regimes and rulers;

reliably robotic redundancy rebuffs revelation


right-wing ruses rely on renown religious rituals;

renegades remonstrate

to restraining routines of rapacious retail;

regnant royalty in rehearsed roles of refinement

refuses to relinquish reign and raises rebellion;

recalcitrance is reproached and ridiculed;

radicals are reviled, rid of, and relegated


recreant reductionists

rigidly refuse to rethink

and resent risky research

refuting reality to remain right


ridiculous rubbish is rewritten rhetorically

from random ratiocinations of rattle-heads


rocky relationships replace

raptures of rosy romances

romeos readjust into rasputins

regulating the romanovs


rowdy, roaring rage on a rant

rambles and reacts

rarely reconsiders or retracts

red-hot, rampant rumors and rude remarks

relieve and rejuvenate

revenge is revered

reciprocation recommended

reconciliation refrained from


register the reflections of resolute rappers

that recite and record razor-sharp rhymes

ridiculing racism and related rubbish

recede from this representation of red that rankles

relish the radiant rays and the rainbows



© Julia Yusupova