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from a tiny oval

a bud opens into a wide

symmetrical blossom

ripens into a fleshy fruit

and withers away from rot

or diffuses into saliva

and so on forever

the flow of form continues

reminiscent of the experience

of certain psychedelics

spreading, diminishing

aligning, intermingling

synchronizing through

shapes and colors

as well as meaning

feeling like the same

ongoing process

that guides the rise of

reality through time

and though rhythmic

not smoothly temporal

but winding and hovering

and suddenly bursting

evolution has a mind

of its own, the mind has

an evolution of its own

nothing else but flow exists

© Julia Yusupova

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As It Should Be 2

everything’s exactly

as it should be

a phrase that gives

such comfort and relief

from judgment, misery

anger, guilt, confusion

anxiety, envy, terror

pride, and grief

repeat, repeat, repeat

in front of mirror

while on your bike

after a fight, or in your bed

express it even if

you don’t believe it

and you’ll begin

believing yet

© Julia Yusupova

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Open Mind

merge into love from both sides

hypocrites know well this truth


shoulders to cry on /

they thrust only chests ahead


ripping /

fourth petals off their clovers bravely


broad-minded idealists /

stubborn to the core


having had enough /

they ask for more


constantly on the move for change

/ as on a treadmill


disabled /



air /

locked behind bars


harmless as doves and wise as serpents

aware of choices at each moment



© Julia Yusupova



Acting - Shelly Mathis

the world’s a stage

old adage understood


sometimes performing

is a must, a greater good


for a fish that yearns

to join its home, the sea


even fire would play river

love’s known to do things queerer


then when at last the swimmer

reaches vastness


never will he have been

quite so inspired


to jump onto the grill

be cooked by fire


© Julia Yusupova



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onward to orange

the original odd-ball

outcast by the orthodox

oblivious to opprobrium

and odious orbs of onlookers

obstreperous outsider

overstepping outlines on the outskirts

omits obtunded operations and outdated opinions

obliterates oppressing obstacles and opponents

offsets the obnoxious and obscene

obliged to the Omnipotent and Omnipresent Oneness

in oath, obedience, and obeisance

an omnium-gatherum

of overwhelming opposites

on and off

oscillates in orbit over and over

opinionated and obstinate officer of order

observes, opines, offers to organize

often objected to and overlooked

but ought to overthrow

the overbearing and orgulous

outgoing and openhearted

once an outlaw that outsmarted

occasionally offish

otherwise ok

oozes oomph

obtains occult and otherworldly objects

of outrageous origins

objectifies omens into opportunities

orchestrates outcomes by opting for optimism

overall an ordinary oracle


and that one and only oceanic oyster

is the owner of this oratorical ode to orange

© Julia Yusupova

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some are colorful and vivid

with good witches and

figures dressed in white;

can you guess who they are?

they always smile and

leave you inclined to

remember what they say –

innate wisdom to guide you

through the day

then, there are nightmares

with their relentless burden;

once they arrive you wonder

if you’ll ever again spend

any time in a place of light;

you wake up with great fright

and run to turn the lamp on

so that they don’t seize you

but they already have;

that’s why you’re seeing

these dark melting faces

then one day those just flee

unless you erroneously

chose to follow their advice

just like the ones that

came from the light;

on that day, you don’t

run to the switch; instead

the light that you kept on

is turned off by your aide

who communicates

don’t be afraid

and you’re finally ok

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KlarEm artist

it’s for communication

why else would skies be blue?


surely, to hide behind grey blinds

is not their goal; though


what they yearn to show simply

with color is not that simple


or maybe only this → the visible range

which both creates this fleshy vehicle


the tune of chakric lyre

carried by a skilled musician


and the exhaust fumes from it

distilling into seven feelings


perceived in varied billions

on a smoke screen, imprinting


their designs on further medium

where networked beings spawn


as architectural  sketches

(blue-prints), and on and on


preserving pattern via different codes

a totem pole of stages grows in length


or maybe even outwards – a strutting peacock

wishing to impress the female


that ponders how good of an idea

will be the plumage



© Julia Yusupova