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i brush off dust stuck to me

from your crumbling city

and know that to you

heaven’s kingdom nears

a psychic friend had once

taught me this mantra

not to cast spells, but to

protect myself from fears

i don’t know why, but some

enjoy the negative condition

they’re not exactly what

you’d call well-wishers

but know that no one

can affect your fate

if you protect yourself with

a charged mental state

© Julia Yusupova

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cancer, cancer

you’re so crabby

moody, clingy

mushy, sappy

one minute miserable

then suddenly happy

sometimes relaxed

other times snappy

tough warrior’s armor

on the outside

inside all soft

and starry-eyed

aside from feelings in great divide

you love to provide for those who confide

their depths, their souls,

them wholes to you

you stick to these

like fluff to glue

though know one thing

about your behavior

you’re not here as

another’s savior

© Julia Yusupova

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rejoice! rejoice!

your dreams are coming true!

(S)He listened to your prayers

and is doing this for you

the brightest, truest happiness is yours

yours is every delight your soul adores

you passed all tests

jumped all hurdles

crossed all oceans

acquired the wisdom

conquered all fears

understood all notions

now join the angels in celestial jubilee

to celebrate your i turning to we

© Julia Yusupova

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They say when you cry

the devil did not succeed.

Couldn’t reach through

the bars of the ribcage,

draw blood.  The heart

may be fractured, but still

in place.  With a little time

and patience, it will fuse

through the space of the crack

into which two halves seep

soular energy.  While right now

you weep, thousands others

just cackle and stick arrogant

noses up in the air, act like hard

-hearted pricks.  But you know better.

Tears are a bath of deep cleanse.

The valor of thrusting ahead

over sitting on the fence.

A minute of agony over

a lifetime of pain that

so many are frozen in.

Your way is spring rain.

So, without hesitation,

go, arrive at release.

Though, they stifle

their own, they won’t

stifle your peace.

© Julia Yusupova

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Hello there!

I’m making teddy bears for orphans and I need your help.  I was inspired by Lillian Weber who sews dresses for African girls.  Now, I’m personally sewing these cuddle pals for children who aren’t fortunate to have families to support them, or the freedom to play and lead carefree lives that all kids in the world deserve.

Please help me fundraise the costs of shipping these guys overseas.  My first batch is for SHARE Africa ( and little boys and girls in a region in Kenya most ravished by the AIDS epidemic.  With a target of $200, I will be able to securely ship about 15 bears + children’s books via Canada Post Express Post guaranteed service.  I have covered the costs of the fabric myself and will post pictures of everything that I am shipping, including the final package.  Pictures of the children with the received toys will also be provided by the charity.

To donate securely through PayPal please follow the link below.

I am asking for as little as $10, the price of a meal or a drink on a night out, or whatever else you are able to give.  Please don’t ignore this message, especially around Christmas, which is a time of giving and kindness.  Do it for the children who, having nothing, might get a little bit of joy out of a toy.  Do it for a fellow writer who is not asking for much, but a little bit of support for something that makes her happy.  My long term goal is to be able to ship a batch to the orphans in many different countries and to demonstrate that the human heart is able to hold compassion not only for the nearest and dearest, but also for those in distant locations around the world that have no direct relation to our own lives.

Thank you to all <3

Julia Yusupova