if we are nothing but computers

then will is the password to the soul

account, enlightened-mail, communication

from the world wide web of light


we tick the box remember and sign in

in come the signs and messages

at deeper level as constant flicks between

totality and nil, binary interchange


of 1’s and 0’s – the bits of being

breathing if you will

on screen as images and phrases

facial expressions, comments


from currents of electricity and chi

finally transform to understanding

Awareness of the I, AI

info, programmed but free


- Julia Yusupova




Yin Yang - Cristina Otero

don’t order me to not be “angry”
when a simple gesture on your part
is able to diffuse all conflict
in mere seconds

I’ve learned the ins and outs
of all my motions
thoroughly throughout
and with the help of all emotions

including what is under my control
and what is otherwise
under the timing of something

I love them all
including that which without
any inner laundry bleed
you “calmly” jump to label dirty

– Julia Yusupova
– Art: Cristina Otero


Book Cover Front Page 2

Dear readers!

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Julia Yusupova



transfixed on my face – a smile

noodles of meaning string like curls

from the nitty-gritty

having touched a plasma globe

or H2O chains of waterfalls

foaming in an upside down frown

off the rock bottom


the iron bell rings

while all I do is tap a finger or two

without the chore of pulling a heavy chord



knowing exactly how to spend

my last lucky quarter


Written by Julia Yusupova



they say when you cry

the devil did not succeed


couldn’t reach through the bars

of your ribcage, make you bleed


the heart may be broken

hurt, but it’s still in place


with a little time and patience

it will fuse through the space


of the crack in between

the two halves, seep


soular energy, though

right now you weep


there are thousands of others

who choose to cackle and stick


arrogant noses up in the air

act like hard-hearted pricks


but you know better, tears

are a bath of deep cleanse


the valor of thrusting ahead

over sitting on the fence


a minute of agony

over a lifetime of pain


while the others are frozen

your way is spring rain


so without hesitation

go, arrive at release


though they stifle their own

they won’t stifle your peace


Written by Julia Yusupova



There are ego want                 and                  soul want

There are ego sight                 and                  soul sight

There are ego rage                  and                  soul rage

There are ego love                  and                  soul love

Drowning in one we pull ourselves out on the shores of the other

Having experienced one we strive for the other

Reaching the other we often slip to the first

But this is precisely the fun of it, this game of apple bobbing

The ones who are shocked by this are living in dreamland

Running from one, they’re blinded to it

On top of that, the two often switch positions

So, we must learn to really dunk our heads into

The birds flew parallel in perfect alignment

No difference in color, size, speed, destination

The only clue out of homogeneity being

An unexpected right to left direction

Written by Julia Yusupova



My antipathy for plastic pedantry

is augmented by banal loquaciousness.


Though, previously obsequious to lethargic insipidity,

currently, I enervate the bombastic audaciously.


Yes, I’m fervid, irascible, esoteric,

but still not duped by quiescent rhetoric.


My paragons are anomalous catalysts, philanthropists

not garrulous, inchoate malingerers.


In plain English now, some of you

wordy motherfuckers ain’t leaders by talkers.


Written by Julia Yusupova