2 golden birds (Run by Julia Yusupova)


you want to make me laugh?

then tell me to avoid creating

get real, grow up, blend in, forget

this trouble-instigating

well, boo-hoo, it’s too bad for you

that now my blatant oddity

has transformed into great delight

a wonderful commodity

not due to a wish to feel inflated

(them below and me above)

but because what i always hated

has finally turned to love

© Julia Yusupova

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2 golden birds (Run by Julia Yusupova)

Girl and Bird

i’m a status quo disturber

not part of some clique

proud to be a loner

tell me to shut up

i will scream louder

when pressured

i resist

might as well

let me have my will

do not insist

no one will ever

prove me wrong

unless i choose

to let my spirit

(not my ego) lose

you see? this is

what all the wise men knew

throughout all history

that one fact that solves

every paradox and mystery

that everything that

my reality was, is, and will

or will not be

really always arose, arises

and will or will not arise from me

© Julia Yusupova

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2 golden birds (Run by Julia Yusupova)

Cristina Otero2

the time has come to speak of demons

i get shivers just thinking of the topic

and not for fear, but from excitement

the strange alluring power of the dark

so esoteric, claws you in, that is its job

to say they’re not attractive is to let them rule you

so, one night i decided to face them

come forth, i stated as intention

and drank ayahuasca

the shaman thought that i was crazy

i thought that he was just a pussy

waited by the fire

suddenly everyone was looking, pointing, laughing

eyes bulging out at me, the skinny flat girl

my back bends into hunchback and i stutter

out comes my russian accent, paranoia seeping in

just like in high school when you

smoked too much weed and got the greenies

“i’m going to lie down,” i say

knowing what they’re thinking

look at this loner, outsider

she does…

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2 golden birds (Run by Julia Yusupova)


reclusive ragamuffins in repellent rags reek of rot

and recover in ruins of run-down residences

by reveling in rum and rock;

rush from racy rails and reefers at raves

redoubles recovery and recuperation

from relapse, and riles rehabilitation;

regret and rancor recklessly ravage reason;

the randy and raffish of raunchy reputation

are rapidly raped and ravaged by rabid rapscallions

in the red-light region

remorseless rogues reject rectitude

and ratify repulsive regulations;

reptiles, remiss of responsibility,

rob resources for revenue and rank;

restless, ravenous rats!

rugged raiders and ruffians on a rampage

ransack the receptive ranges;

refugees run from relentlessly rigid regimes and rulers;

reliably robotic redundancy rebuffs revelation

right-wing ruses rely on renown religious rituals;

renegades remonstrate

to restraining routines of rapacious retail;

regnant royalty in rehearsed roles of refinement

refuses to relinquish reign and raises rebellion;

recalcitrance is reproached and ridiculed;

radicals are reviled, rid of, and relegated


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Escume 2

Reality is a stream of information that subjectively can be read like a code.  This is what a psychic does – uses the element of the mind to tease out certain messages that flow from the Highest Intelligence of Everything That Is.  All of life is a process of communication between intelligences of varying levels.  (Ex. the cell communicating to its molecules; a global being communicating to its humans, etc)



© Julia Yusupova



2 golden birds (Run by Julia Yusupova)


pallas athena, bold and sure

goddess of wisdom, forthright and pure

ascended master, shrewd authority

teacher of truth as the priority

a mighty warrior and graceful queen

cognizes both seen and unseen

ablaze with orange, purple, gold

she represents the Vast Untold

sees far and wide

stays by my side

her skills in me ingraining

i thank you archetype for ardent training

© Julia Yusupova

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2 golden birds (Run by Julia Yusupova)


a mirror is someone who reflects

the light and dark of others

we’re all such mirrors to an extent

some more-so with each other

there is a trend nowadays to say

s(he)’s mad ‘cuz i’m a mirror!

that may be true, but the other too

if mad, will be the seer

the goal is to delve into the glare

why am i angry here, off-balance there?

that’s work! some think, why should i care?

that’s fine, stay tarnished, all is fair

on the other hand, if you decide

to justly learn your lesson

don’t blame yourself for every fault

you see upon inspection

they really do exist in all

not always just reflections

the task is first to understand

two egos’ dark connection

and then break and revamp this link

through love’s divine correction

© Julia Yusupova

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2 golden birds (Run by Julia Yusupova)


now i have come to own the privilege

of calling this experience my own

my soul, the matchmaker

had booked arrangements

for the bodily abode

where star-crossed lovers

intertwined and bound

as strands inside a genome


at culmination, he

the knight in shining armor

lowered first

sending along the bills

for pesky condo fees:

anxiety and mental disarray

to which the moody me

sharply reacted

“just wait and see,” was told

“but she’ll come next!” responded

living in memories

of the orgasmic first encounter

a partial rising of the past

“don’t dwell in expectation

nor if she comes indulge her”

what was said

“simply observe”

as difficult as it then seemed

the wise advice was heeded

by my dread-struck mind

which tried its hardest

to stay grounded

subsequently all through

the vividly apparent rise

of the meandering seductress


my heart felt like it would then quit

pink, heated…

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2 golden birds (Run by Julia Yusupova)


the mystics of the world were not religious

they spurned convention, laws, and rules aesthetic

jesus challenged the forms of so-called godly men

buddha surpassed materialists and ascetics

it’s funny though that what they did became

precisely that which they were hinting at avoiding

that’s how it goes in any field or theme

not just religion, but in any kind of setting

true meaning and definitions are separated

by a crafty outward-facing mechanism

it’s not religion’s fault per say

rather the deeper reason that affects us all the ego

so when it’s time, whenever that arrives for each

to catch onto this fact that’s slightly cryptic

the ones who look inside will reach

the power of the mystics

© Julia Yusupova

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